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THANK YOU for helping to enhance the lives of those in need of long term care.


IMO = In Memory Of

IHO = In Honour Of


2012 "Bells of Care" Campaign Donors

Monica Andrea IMO Alfreda McNamara

Wayne Ashford IMO Florence Ashford

Ann  Ball IMO Florence Ashford

Gail Bardswich IMO Edna Hopkins & Loved Ones

Ray & Elizabeth Billard IMO Mary & Charlie Burke

Melvin & Judy Bonnell IMO Beatrice Bonnell, IHO Anita Kelly

Derek Boudreau IHO Theresa Boudreau

John Brewer IHO Nellie Brewer

Keli Brewer IHO Nellie Brewer

Brewer Family IHO Nellie Brewer

Margaret Buchanan IMO Mary Nelson

Rhoda Cains IHO Lloyd Maxwell

Nelly Carey IMO Her husband Billy & daughter Joan

Erma Carmichael IMO Her Mother

Terry Carroll IMO Jimmy Beaton

Terry Carroll IHO Phyllis Waddell

Sharon Chiasson & Family IHO Catherine & John MacAskill

Wayne Chislett IHO Margaret Skinner

Marg Clark IHO Phyllis MacMullin

Julie Clark IHO Phyllis MacMullin

Josephine Clarke IHO Mrs. Audrey MacQueen

Josephine Clarke IHO Mr. Claude Hickey

Sandra Clarke IHO Theresa LeBlanc

Glenda McKeough & Corinne Schmid IMO Chris MacDonald

Zachary Dufour Johnson IMO Guy Dufour

Demini Dufour Johnson IMO Guy Dufour

Chloe Dufour Johnson IMO Guy Dufour

Dulcie & Lyle Eady IMO Beatrice Anderson

Family of Elizabeth Devison IHO Elizabeth Devison

Mildred Ferris IMO Agnes Roberts

Eileen  Forrest IHO Cathy Wallace

Winnifred Greene IHO Cathy Larade

Charles & Winnie Greene IMO Georgina Andrews

Cori & Liam Guauagher IHO Rhoda Caines

Leonard & Joan Guy IHO Phyllis McMullin

Ken & Sheila Haley IMO Mac & Nancy Haley

Susan Hatcher IMO Marie A (Toni) Farrell

Dorothy Hatcher IMO Charles Hatcher

Todd Hickey

Frank Hull IHO Dolly Hull

Madonna Jackson IHO Phyllis MacMullin

Lorne & Millie Jennex IMO Beatrice Bonnell

Michele Keeling IMO All Past Residents

Michele Keeling IHO All Current Residents

Bev Klimchuk IHO Phyllis MacMullin

Ladies Auxilliary & Canteen IMO Eileen Curtis

Ladies Auxilliary & Canteen IMO Anna Naddaf

Ladies Auxilliary & Canteen IMO Mrs. Sarois

Ladies Auxilliary & Canteen IMO Mrs. MacNamara

Ladies Auxilliary & Canteen IMO Mrs. MacLeod

George Lanaras IMO Anastasia Lanaras

Aldric LeBlanc IMO Veronica & Roddie Gillis

Oblena Leudee

Margie Lever IMO Louise Turner

Dorothy MacDonald IMO James MacDonald

Murdock MacDonald IHO Ina MacDonald

Murdock MacDonald IHO Norman MacDonald

Linda MacDonald IHO Garland Ashford

Linda MacDonald IHO Emily Irvine

Linda MacDonald IHO Sonya MacInnes

Linda MacDonald IMO Lillian Matheson

Corinne & George MacDougall IMO Coleman Keigan

Corinne & George MacDougall IMO Betty MacDougall

Myrtle & Eddie MacDougall IMO Beatrice Anderson

Joan MacFadden IMO Gordon MacFadden

Ann Marie & Sandy MacGillivary IHO Phyllis McMullin

Sandra MacIntosh IHO Mary Murphy

Hannah MacIntosh IHO Mary Murphy

Florence MacIsaac IMO Charles MacIsaac

Madelyn MacLean IMO Alice & Earnest Matthews

Lisa & Boyd MacNeil IMO Dwayne AuCoin

Jeff MacNeil IHO Orville Sexton

Helen MacNeil IMO Margaret (Margie) MacDonald

Marina, Molly, Laura, Astelle, Diane IMO Mary Nelson, Agnes Roberts, Bessie Sutherland, Evelyn Stroud

Elanor Marks IHO Orville & Glenn Sexton

Rita Martin IMO Louie Marinelli

Rita Martin IMO Mary Marinelli

Mary Colbourne & Family IMO Reginald William Colbourne

Frank & Ellen McNamara IMO Freda McNamara

Reid Moore IMO George & Greta Moore

Blair Murphy IHO Mary Murphy

Jim Murphy IHO Mary Murphy

Jerry Murphy IHO Mary Murphy

Gary Murphy IHO Mary Murphy

Nick & Joan Musbally IMO Rose Engel

Charles Nicholas IMO Darrell Haggerty

Bernice Pero IHO Elizabeth Snow

Eva Reid IMO Henry King

Daryl & Debbie Rendell IMO Joe & Rhobena Sampson

Martha Sexton IHO Orville Sexton

Peter & Jillian Sexton IHO Orville Sexton

Monica & Brian Shebib IHO Nelly Brewer

Bruce & Dorothy Slade IMO Leslie Slade

Carol Smith IMO Catherine MacLean

John Stefura IHO Mary Ellen Stefura

John Stefura IMO William Stefura

Arthena Stubbert IMO Jean Purdie

The Family of Garland Lilly IMO Garland Lilly

The MacKenzie Kids IHO Dodie MacKenzie

Sherry Thurbide IMO Catherine MacLean

Carol Ann & Len Vickers IHO Margaret Walsh

Mary Eileen Viva IHO Staff of Joseph Hall

Madonna Whalen IMO Kevin Whalen

Marney White IMO Margaret Fream

Peggie Wilkie IMO Helen Smith

Susan Wilkie IHO Margaret Walsh

Ruth Anne Williams IMO Josie MacInniss

The Howley Family IHO Gen Howley


2011 "Bells of Care" Campaign Donors


Lorne & Mary Aucoin IMO Melvina Tobin

Liz Billard                         IMO Charlie & Mary Burke

Wanda  Bond                   IMO Annie Blinkhorn

Judy Bonnell                      IHO Beatrice Bonnell & Anita Kelly

Judith Bonnell                   IHO Howard Bonnell & Beatrice Bonnell

Phyllis Derek Boudreau IHO Theresa Boudreau & Harry Boudreau

John Brewer                      IHO Nellie Brewer

Keli Brewer                        IHO Nellie Brewer

Christina Brown                   IHO Mary MacDonald

Rochelle Brown             IHO Mary MacDonald (Grannie)

Suzanne Brown           IHO Mary MacDonald (Grannie)

Marina  Brown                   IMO Edith Hawco & Beatrice Anderson

Sonya Brown Finney       IHO Mary MacDonald (Grannie)

Margaret Buchanan        IMO Tony Farrell

Belinda Campbell             IMO Albert Eveleigh

Erma Carmichael              IMO Stephen Lamb & William Lamb

Chesley  Carter IMO Maude Knee

Mrs. Anne Carter             IMO Mary Marinelli

Wayne Chislett IHO Margaret Skinner

Josephine Clarke              IMO Les Clarke (her husband)

Josephine Clarke              IHO Audrey MacQueen

Sandra  Clarke                   IHO Theresa LeBlanc

George Dicks                      IMO Cyril & Phyllis Dicks

Ursula J Dufour                  IMO Guy Dufour

Karen & George Fidgen IHO Margaret Doucette

Monique & Roger Gallant IMO Marie & Moise LaPierre, Nellie & Lubin Gallant

Hughena Gracie  IMO Vivian MacDonald

Roland  Guy                        IMO Alice Guy

Leonard & Joan Guy        IHO Phyllis McMullin

Ken & Sheila Haley          IMO Mac & Nancy Haley

Frank Herritt                      IHO Edna Banks

Todd Hickey

Marine Atlantic HR Dept IHO Carolyn MacIsaac

Frank  Hull                          IHO Dolly Hull

Millie Jennex                     IMO Lewis Bonnell

Michele Keeling                 IHO All past and present Residents

Nancy Kelly                         IMO Isabel MacLean

David  Lionais                     IMO Frances Lionais

Oblena Luedee                 IMO Anthony "Tony" Luedee

Mary  MacDonald            IMO Marguerite Grant

Flora MacDonald

George MacDougall        IMO Coleman Keigan, IHO Betty MacDougall

Ann Marie & Sandy MacGillivary       IHO Phyllis McMullin

Florence MacIsaac           IMO Charles MacIsaac

Lisa & Boyd MacNeil       IHO Madelaine LaPierre

Jim & Rita (and sons) Martin IMO Catherine Prince & Mary Marinelli, Lloyd & Wilma Balah

Brenda McAdam              IHO Patty Penny, IMO Alice Penny

Carole   Meating               IMO Anna Naddaf

Kelvin & Marie  Merritt

Joan & Nick Musbally     IMO Rose Engel

Raymond Musgrave       IHO Phyllis Musgrave

Linda     O'Quinn               IHO Nellie Brewer

Debbie & Daryl  Rendell IMO Joe & Rhobena Sampson





2010 "Bells of Care" Campaign Donors

Lorrain  Aker IMO Bill McEwan

Mary  Allen Raylene Barnhill IMO John Joseph McDonald

Raylene Barnhill IHO Mary McDonald

Melvin  Bateman Ida  Batt IHO Mary McBride

Christine Brown IMO Marguerite Grant (daughter of resident Mary MacDonald)

Rochelle Brown IHO Claire Phillips

Suzanne Brown IHO Mary McDonald Granny

Joan  Byers IMO Carl Byers

Erma Carmichael IMO Bill, Steve, Mildred

Linda Chislett IHO Margaret Skinner

Eric  Connors IMO Alice & Carl Connors

Norman Connors IMO Alice & Carl Connors

Sonya  Finney IHO Noel Finney

Hughena Gracie IMO Vivian MacDonald

George  Hiscock

Ronnie & Irene Howley IHO Sarah Howley

Michele  Keeling IHO Residents of the Home

Stan & Joyce Kendall IHO Margaret Skinner

Catherine Kieley IMO Jean Purdie

Alvin LeVangie IHO Tim Levangie

Oblena  Luedee IMO Anthony "Tony" Luedee

Effie  MacDonald IMO Mildred Evans

Mary  MacDonald IHO Mary MacDonald

George & Corinne MacDougall IHO Betty MacDougall & Coleman Keigan

Carolyn MacIsaac IHO Charlotte Hull

Florence MacIsaac IMO Charles MacIsaac

Lisa & Boyd MacNeil IMO Lubin & Nellie Gallant

Raylene MacNeil IMO John Skinner

Mike & Nancy Marenick IMO Nancy (McKeough) Haley

Rita, Jim, Eric & Charlie Martin IMO Les Clarke

Doris McDonald IMO John J. McDonald (Husband of resident Mary MacDonald)

Northside Medical Society

Joan & Nick  Musbally IHO Rose Engel

Ray  Musgrave IHO Phyllis Musgrave

Eddie, Robbie, Jean & Gary Phillips IMO Margaret Phillips

Irene  Polkowski IMO Agnes MacDonald

Irene  Polkowski IHO Mary MacDonald

Debbie & Daryl Rendell IMO Joe & Rhobena Sampson

Emily  Smith  IHO Elizabeth Devison, Mother

Jim & Robena  Strictland IMO Dora Gove

Arthena Stubbert IMO Jean Purdie

Marney White IMO Margaret Fream

Marion & Bill  Witherall IMO George Meade (Grandfather)

Debbie  Young IMO Thomas Nugent

Debbie Logan & Family, Larry & Family, Ella Lee IHO Josie MacInnis

Environmental Service Workers - NSCGH IMO Mrs. Lucy MacEachern

Gloria, Ray, Madelyn, Banks,Tina, Walter & Families IHO Garland Lilly

Kelly Carter, Neila & Ed Sullivan IMO Millie MacGillivary

Kelly Carter, Neila & Ed Sullivan IMO Neil MacGillivary

Kelly Carter, Neila & Ed Sullivan IMO Billy Sullivan

Kelly Carter, Neila & Ed Sullivan IMO Kay Sullivan

Madelyn & Banks, Gloria & Raymond, Tina & Walter, Garland IMO Alice & Earnest Matthews

Marine Atlantic:  Dan, Jackie, Michel, Gerd and Christina IHO Carolyn MacIsaac

Michelle Nicholson & Family IMO Marie Bénac

Paula MacNeil & Caroline MacDougall IHO Effie Burton

Whalen Family IHO Kevin Whalen